Welcome to The ASW Coalition

Thanks for taking a look at The ASW Coalition’s official blog, where we’re dedicated to promoting a more thoughtful, informed, and globally-minded dialogue around the social and political issues that matter to everyone. We strive to encourage reflection, facilitate understanding, and most importantly: spark conversation.

That conversation starts with this blog, but it won’t be limited to it. We’d like to explore different media, formats, and ways of communicating in order to best reach out to as many corners of the ASW community as possible. More than that, we want the conversation to extend beyond our reaches; it’s our hope that you’ll respond to (or analyse, or criticise) what you read here not only online but in the hallways at school, in the classrooms, or around your dining room table. The Coalition’s ethos is that only when we dare to speak about something can we hope to change it. We’d very much like for you to dare to join us in that effort.

Thanks again for checking out this newborn blog. Come back soon to hear from our contributors!

—Lucas James, ASW Coalition Editor

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